Worst Foods to Eat Before Bedtime

After working all day long your body need rest to regain and boost its energy. But foods we eat before bedtime is directly connected to a good sleep over night. You work full day and if we Would have a sleep less night, then its difficult to work on next morning. Here some Worst Foods to Eat Before Bedtime


It causes an effect to the brain, which enables you to stay awake. Its effect can be for up to five hours after consuming it. So if are willing for a sleepless night, you can intake it before going to bed otherwise, skip cup of coffee after dinner.


Spicy food

It can cause an increase in the amount of stomach acid, which results in a burning feeling in your chest and stomach along. If you consumed any spicy food, then you won’t able to sleep even if you are willing to sleep. So chose a mildly spice meal before bedtime for a good night sleep and ensure at least three hours gap before you go to bed.


Red meat

Red meat is filled with fats and proteins and takes a very long time to digest. If you consume red meat before bed, your body will be busy all night long trying to digest it. At night, when you go to bed your body also needs to rest, so it’s better to avoid eating red meat before going to bed.


Chocolate bar

Chocolates are rich in sugar and fat, this cause sugar rush and can keep a person awake for long hours. It also contains caffeine that is a known stimulant, which makes a person stay up for longer. So, it’s better not to eat a bar of chocolate before bedtime.



A piece of candy is a dessert substitute before bed. The Journal of The Mind and Body, published that seven out of ten people have nightmares when they consume junk food like candy. So, it’s not good to eat candy or other boiled sweets before bedtime.



It is delicious to eat ice creams food, but it can effect adversely when consumed before bedtime. These are rich in fat, it cannot easily digested. It contains a lot of sugar that makes you stay up for long. Studies shows that consuming sugary foods before going to bed can cause nightmares and disturbs sleeping patterns.


Excess Fruits

If you go overboard with fruits, you will have to stay up for long hours. Fruits contain a lot of sugar, this sugar ferments on the top of other foods in your stomach. This will lead to indigestion and You will have to stay up for long.



Any kind of alcohol is “terrible” for sleep. It metabolizes quickly and causes you to wake up times during the night.

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