What women thinks during sex

What Women Thinks During Sex

Sex is a beautiful feeling, it attracts both partners more closer to each other. When you make out with your partner you must be eager to know each others feelings. Here are some thoughts what women thinks During Sex:

  1. Why do I bother to putt on nice underwear when he don’t even look at…”
  2. I hope he has brought a condom, shit what if he is without condom?
  3. God, it’s hot. I’m so sweaty, “I hope my body is not stinking”
  4. Oh, I forgot, did I take my pill this morning? Shiittttt
  5.  “Wow!! This pose makes me feel so good, don’t stop”.
  6. “Jesussss he feels so heavy. Shift that fatty body”.
  7. “Ahh! I was enjoying that, why the hell you are changing positions again”.
  8. “This bed is seriously making loud noises. What if someone will hear it”?
  9. “I hope the housemates don’t hear this…Tomorrow it will be awkward to face.”
  10. “Yes, I liked it, don’t ask me the same thing again and again.” “OK, he is doing so pleasing definitely these he saw in porn.”
  11. “No, no, no don’t finish yet, I have started to enjoy now!”  “Why should I spent $89 on this lingerie and he didn’t even noticed at it before taking it off.”


So, this will surely help you in understanding your female partner…….. Enjoy this amazing feeling.

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