6 Things You Should Never Tell Yourself About Food

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

6 Things You Should Never Tell Yourself About Food

Things people say to themselves about food may be of a negative and positive nature, these impact their relationship with food. The negative thought makes people eat less well over time, increasing food’s power and the positive thought improves diet, making people feel more in control. To get an Idea of same please read the below-stated points.

1. I should or should not eat X

The word “should” always starts rebellion when it
is about food. In fact, it induces to eat more what we should not and eat less what we should. A better thing to do is ask your mind whether you really want to eat. It might be something sweet or fried but then again, it might be the better option. Make your mind, keep yourself free.

2. It’s healthy

Healthy means organic, no carbs, low fat etc. So, I can eat as much as I want. This lead to overeating. It is the better thing to tell yourself is I will eat until I am satisfied and comfortably full.

3. I deserve some ice cream

The mind understands “deserve” as “reward” and proceed to overeat. People often use food as a reward because after a tough day or vacation. Regular permission to eat will decrease the extra desire you feel for a particular item.


4. It was good or bad

When you use the words “good” or “bad” around food, your minds converts it to your being good or bad. Due to this, the guilt and shame you feel from being “bad” drive you to undesirable behaviour.

5. I have already blown it, so why not have

This is similar to earlier point and occurs when someone is on a new eating routine or some type of diet plan to lose weight. When people stray from the eating routine, they tend to go wild and overeat because they had already blown it.


6. Don’t Keep that food away coz you can’t just eat one

Whenever you resist a food item in your mind, it still persists in your mind. Instead, enjoy the food and stop when you are satisfied.


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