Breasts of a woman
Breasts of a woman

5 Weird and funny things women love to do with Their Boobs

Breasts of a woman had been a fascinating topic for man through ages. You will find it really amazing to know that women are also fond of their breasts. Like men, women also play love and do really weird things with their breasts. Here is a quirky list of some weird and funny things that women do with breasts:

1. Keep Playing: Breasts are like a best friend for the woman, they play a lot with it. They cuddle their boobs, squeeze and snuggle them, some also love to bounce them. Some girls are even naughtier, they take off the bra and jump/ juggle their boobs to see how far up & down they go. Touching, playing and caressing their breasts is what all women do. It’s also a good way to massage and firm up the breasts and check out for lumps.

2. Adore them in Mirror: Women and mirror are linked with an unbreakable bond. Women love to see their breasts in a mirror, make cleavage, check the size and touch them. Ladies try many models like photo poses in front of a mirror and make their boobs appealing and sexy. It also helps ladies in maintaining the beauty and the shape of breasts.

3. Breasts Lockers: It’s one thing that all women had done, keeping something or money safe in their blouse guarded by breasts. It like a secret vault for every girl. So next time when a see a lady go shopping without her purse, you can guess where she is keeping her money.

4. Cosmetic play: Women admit that they try different makeup ideas on their breasts. They love to put color and make paints, tattoos, and stickers on their breasts. Most funny one is making their boobs look like an animal.

5. No bra: Bra’s a good but they are painful too. Many women remove their bra as soon as they reach their homes. In fact, it’s a very popular thing among women to go bra-less nowadays.

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