Tips for Soon to be Bride

Marriage, the very special day. Every bride wants to catch attention of every single person, for doing the same brides should get prepared before some days of getting married. Here a question arises that what measures a bride should adopt to look attractive? So, here are Tips for soon to be Bride.

Shape your eyebrows


Don’t ever wonder to experiment with your eye brows at the last moments. Go to salon they will follow your advice, as well as will offer suggestions for the best brow shape according to your face. Adopt threading instead of waxing your eyebrows. Schedule last shaping a month before the wedding.

Weekly Manicures


As you get engaged, everyone is going to have a look your ring. So when will you show your hands to others your hands should look pretty as your ring. Keep your nails and hands primed with regular weekly manicures. Shape your nails to match, giving your hands and nails an elegant look.

Whiten Your Teeth


Smile that everyone notice especially when you are the one. To have more pleasing smile you can take an appointment with your dentist to whiten your teeth. Most toothpastes contains whitening ingredients in them, but for faster results, choose a special whitening one. White strips are a great option, but coffee at that time is not a good option.

Healthy Eating


Try to stay away from sugar, lots of sodium and processed foods. These lead to increase belly fat and bloating. At this time, focus more on green vegetables, fruit and lots of water this will result in glowing skin. Stay away from too much booze, alcohol makes your skin puffy and dry.

Get a Smooth Face


If you wear makeup daily then use primer. Primer is a great place to start. Use it daily. It will provide a smooth surface for foundation to adhere all day long. You can also try a hydrating facial serum. Apply it daily before makeup for softer and smoother skin.

Do a Makeup Test Run


Along with your hair trial, you should also schedule a makeup trial. Take a makeup trial at least three months before the wedding. Here you’ll fine-tune your look with your makeup artist so you know exactly how you will look on that special day.

Work Out Regularly


Work out helps to tighten and firm your body and also detoxing your skin. Good workout boost your energy, also helps you to lose weight and makes you feel happier. Work out with right people always motivates you for more.

Get Longer Lashes


If you aren’t blessed with long lashes, consider false ones. Get a softer and more romantic look by applying lashes on your eyes. Longer lashes enhances the shape of your eyes and catch all attention on you. Apply your favorite mascara, and curl your lashes, then apply a coat of waterproof mascara. This will give you beautiful curled lashes.

Focus on Your Lips


Take care of your lips each night. Apply a generous coat of lip balm or Vaseline. Lip balm will exfoliate and soften your lips at the same time. Go for a glossy lip on the wedding day. A matte lipstick looks classic but may not hold as long. Apply a gloss over your lipstick to cover up those imperfections.

Hair Care


Plan with your hairstylist to map out your hair care for attractive look. Try a home remedy by using your favorite conditioner and mashed-up avocado. The avocado will increase your hair’s silkiness. To get an extra-glossy finish, look for shampoos and conditioners that contains olive oil.

Get Smooth Skin


It’s tough-to-treat spot like dry elbows? A body scrub in the shower will help to get rid of dead skin. Then, moisturize your skin with a good almond butter or shea butter lotion. Cover your elbows in a cloth and keep the moisturizer on for about an hour.

Plan Hair Removal


Plan your waxing schedules too. Hair at your upper lips is not a good choice to show up in wedding photos. Start getting monthly waxes for best results. Salons have many options of special waxes like chocolate wax and sugaring.

Congratulations!!!! Enjoys your special day with your partner, give him a warm welcome in your life.

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