Maintain your vaginal health and hygiene

There are many women who hesitate to talk about their feminine hygiene issues. Vagina is a very sensitive part of our body it requires a special care. Vaginal hygiene is very important, hence, here are some rules concerning your vaginal hygiene, which many women are not aware of:

Wet and Sweaty Bottoms Cause Bacteria

Women panties often get wet due to sweat, vaginal discharge or not washing the vagina after urinating. Wet panties for a long duration can cause bacteria to develop, that results in infections or bad odor. Hence, always keep your vagina clean and dry.

wet and sweaty bottoms


Removal of Pubic Hair

It’s better to remove it completely or keep your pubic hair short in order to keep your private parts clean. Always try to avoid the use of razors, but if you still need to, then it’s must to use a new blade.

Maintain your vaginal health and hygiene


Clean Vagina after Intercourse

Particles from condom, body fluids and other innate products cause infectious bacteria in the vagina. Hence, it’s necessary to wash the vagina with a mild soap and water to protect it safe from different infections and bacteria.

Maintain your vaginal health and hygiene

Change Your Sanitary Napkin

Sanitary napkins for long hours can cause vaginal infections.  A menstruating women is required to change their sanitary napkins in every 5-7 hours. If sanitary napkins are kept for long interval, then it can cause bad odour, rashes and put you at the risk of vaginal infection.

change your sanitary napkins

Wearing Tight Clothes

A women should wear breathable innerwear or made of cotton fabric. Tight inner wears or synthetic fabrics reduce the air circulation which cause sweating, and puts you at a higher risk of vaginal infection.

Change Your Sanitary Napkin

Avoid Scrubbing

The skin of private parts is sensitive and it can easily peel off when scrubbed with a harsh product. Hence always opt the products which are gentle and easy for the sensitive skin.

Change Your Sanitary Napkin

 Talcum Powder Helps to Keep It Dry

Adopt it as a daily after-bath routine to apply talc on your vagina. This habit will help your vagina to stay clean and dry for longer hours.

Maintain your vaginal health and hygiene

Colored Fluid Discharge

Women should be aware about the kind of fluids that their body discharges. If ever your inner wear stinks or you witness colored (green/yellow) urine or vaginal discharge, then immediately consult your doctor.

Maintain your vaginal health and hygiene

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