How to Reduce Armpit Sweating Naturally

We know that, Sweating is a normal bodily function. Men tend to sweat more than a women. Sweating under your armpit is something that can make you embarrassed about and something you feel you want to control, there are some habits that can take help you to limit sweat produced by your armpits.

Avoid exercise

Exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is another reason so, body produces sweat. Exercise, raise your body temperature, so you sweat to keep cool. If you do not want to sweat, you should do exercises like swimming, it won’t let you to sweat.
Wear loose clothes. If your clothes are tight and close to your skin, the clothing is more likely to absorb sweat. Additionally, close fitting clothes may make you feel warmer, causing sweating. Therefore, you should stick to clothing that is loose. This will also allow air to circulate.

High Temperatures

More sweating occurs when you stay in high temperatures keep the body cool. If your living area’s weather is warm, then your body will sweat more. Thus, if you want to reduce sweating under armpits, you should try your best to avoid warm temperatures.

Try to stay calm in situations

whenever you feel embarrassed, nervous, angry, or afraid it results to sweat more. It’s not easy to do, but these feelings your autonomic nervous system reacts by producing sweat. Therefore, do best to remain calm.

Avoid tight clothing

The more tightly clothe is shirt, it breathes less and you will feel warmer. For example silk, is a bad choice if to avoid sweating as it is tightly knit. Shirts that are loosely woven, will allow air to circulate.

Use baby powder

Baby powder is typically made of talcum powder helps to absorb excess sweat. Talcum acts as an astringent, it restricts your pores, which may help with sweating.

Wear layers

A men, often wear undershirts. However, as a female, you can also try this. By wearing a few layers, you will have more fabric to absorb the sweat. Thus, it is less likely that sweat shows through the outermost layer.

Start using dress shields

Underarm shields, garment protectors, sweat pads will either stick to your skin or have straps to go around your arms. When you will sweat, the shields absorb the sweat so it doesn’t show up on your clothes.

Give your armpits time to breathe

It sounds silly, but when you are sweating a lot, you can raise your arms over your head for a few minutes or put your elbows on your desk so that some air can circulate under your arms.

Wear dark colored clothe

Colors such as navy blue and black are good for hiding sweat marks that appear underneath your arms. White also does a pretty good job of hiding sweat. Avoid colors like grey, and other bright colors which reflects the sweat more.

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