Are you making these mistakes to lose weight quickly?

Are you making these mistakes to lose weight quickly?

Are you making these mistakes to lose weight quickly?

Many people spend years in losing extra fat of body. Whether you have got a friend’s wedding, a holiday or a party coming up you try to lose weight quickly. Fat loss can be the most common fitness goal, but it is definitely not an easy task to get success. Sometimes in effort of losing weight quickly we make mistakes which are harmful for our body. Are you making these mistakes to lose weight quickly?

1. Skip or Eat Wrong breakfast:

Breakfast is considered as most important breakfast in a day because of its several benefits like improved concentration and improved energy. People skip their breakfast or start having less diet in lure of losing weight. But rather than skipping or eating less, eating a healthy breakfast aids in weight management. In addition, breakfast influences your metabolism, which can further promote weight loss. If you start your day with junk food that negates the benefits that you gain from increasing your metabolism.


2. Lack of Protein in diet

Many protein rich foods are known to be fat burning foods as well. Including proteins is in your diet is important part and not including these definitely slows down metabolism. Protein stimulates the ‘thermic effect’ of the food; it means that the body burns more energy than it does carbohydrates or fats. Digestion of protein boosts your metabolism more than other nutrients. Diets high in protein also make you feel full faster, thereby helping you to eat less.




3. Consuming alcohol with meals:

Alcohol with your diet can seriously affect metabolism, you will end up consuming more calories than actual. Alcohol reduces fat burning ability of the body almost by 75 percent, slowing metabolism rapidly and tends to increase your weight. So, try to skip that second cocktail as much as you can.


4. Forgetting the Importance of Hydration:

Water is an important nutrient, and part of healthy eating. The body needs water for performing a number of vital functions. It’s interesting to know that drinking enough water can boost body’s ability to burn fat. It tends to increase the metabolic rate by almost 30 percent. Also, to have 1-2 glasses of water before a meal can fill you up naturally and make you eats less.


5. Consuming White carbs:

Boost your fiber intake by having pasta, whole wheat bread, and eating more fruits and vegetables. White carbs are worst foods for weight loss, it slow down metabolism rates massively. Most of them are stored as fats. So, cut down on that white rice and intake of the extra sugar. But it doesn’t mean you should eliminate intake of carbs completely, especially if you exercise regularly. So make the right choice!


6. Say no to caffeine:

Coffee also speed up metabolism, up to 10 percent. But giving it up completely is not such a great option. It boost up metabolism by reviving bodily functions. One cup of black coffee, which has between approx. 108 and 135 mg of caffeine, can speed up heart rate, enhance alertness, and relax the air passages. If you’re not a coffee drinker, intake of even a cup of hot tea works just the same way.



7. Not eating right munchies:

Research suggests that eating about three meals a day with two or three snacks in between will make your metabolism more efficient. Be smart and choose dry fruits like almonds and walnuts instead of those chocolates cookies. You can even take fruits such as oranges or strawberries. They help you to meet your daily fibre intake.


8. Expecting to lose too much:

A disappointment and unhealthy choices is simply giving. A disappointment and unhealthy choices is simply giving yourself too much work to do or having unrealistic (unhealthy) ideas about how you want to look.
If you wish a fit body in the summers, then you need to build it in the winter. You should maintain healthy mentality all year around, that way when you do get to summer it’s not so much hard work.




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Mr. B
Mr. B
4 years ago

very nice !!!