7 Signs That Tells Your Vagina is Unhealthy

7 Signs That Tells Your Vagina is Unhealthy

Vagina is one of the sensitive part of the women body. It requires a special care for keeping it healthy. If you are not aware of these facts it can result in worst and can also cause some serious issues. Here are 7 Signs That Tells Your Vagina is Unhealthy:

Burning and Itching (Sign 1)

Constant itching and burning sensation in vaginal area indicates number of vaginal infections. When the harmful bacteria comes in contact of good bacteria of the vagina, the imbalance manifests itself and results in itching and burning.
Some amount of yeast is required to ward off harmful bacteria of the vaginal area. However, excess production of yeast can also cause yeast infection, causing the same. Itching can also be because of chemicals or ingredients in soaps or creams. These can alter the bacterial balance.


Bleeding During or After Intercourse (Sign 2)

It is common for women who are new to sexual intercourse to bleed. Bleeding at the time of intercourse or after in a woman of any age is an indication of a vaginal infection, a vaginal tear, STDs like chlamydia or vaginal dryness.
Therefore, abnormal bleeding during or after intercourse requires medical attention as it could have serious consequences.


Smelly Discharge (Sign 3)

It’s unlikely for vagina to smell like a bed of roses, but if you notice a recurrent strong odor that even get transferred to your undergarments it’s a sign of an infection. A smelling vaginal discharge is the most common symptom of this infection. This discharge may especially occur after intercourse. It also increases the risk of contracting sexually diseases including HIV.
Therefore, seek medical attention right away if you notice a vaginal odor.


Abnormal Bleeding (Sign 4)

If bleeding is between periods, it’s a cause for alarm. A menstrual cycle that lasts long can also be a sign that there’s a problem.
Post-menopausal bleeding is a crucial symptom and must be immediately diagnosed to prevent its transformation into a malignant disease,
Some women may also notice the blood clots through the vagina, is another warning sign of an unhealthy vagina and related diseases.


Discoloration & Excessive Discharge (Sign 5)

Vaginal discharge is the natural mechanism for keeping the vagina lubricated and flush out harmful bacteria. Normal vaginal discharge i.e. clear or white and does not give off a bad odor. Even a brown or red discharge that occurs after a menstrual cycle is not a matter of concern.
However, if brown or red discharge on normal days, seek medical attention as it could be a sign of cervical cancer. And if it occurs during early pregnancy, it could be a indication of miscarriage. A green or yellow and smelly discharge is not normal and can be a sign of trichomoniasis, an STD.
The amount of discharge differs from woman to woman, excessive discharge is also a indication of bacterial vaginosis.


Painful Urination (Sign 6)

Painful urination is associated with urinary tract infections, it can also be a major symptom of a vaginal infection i.e. yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.
A vaginal infection occurs due to the creams and soaps that contain certain harmful chemicals. These infections cause the vagina to become inflamed and hurt when urine passes through it. Painful urination is also be a symptom of STDs, including chlamydia and genital herpes etc.


Bumps or Blisters (Sign 7)

Vaginal cancer remains one of the least-discussed cancers among women today, because it is not as common as other cancers. A cancerous bump can begin as a mole then change its color and texture into a hard bump.
Bump can occur anywhere on the outer vagina, but it is commonly located near to the clitoris. It is usually of black or dark brown color, but it can be pink, red or white also
Seek immediate medical attention if you notice a bump on your outer vagina.



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