Grow Taller (5 Tips to Increase Height in 6 weeks)

The tall height can improve anyone’s personality. Although not everyone is blessed with good height, you can grow taller if you want to. If you are a teenager, growing taller will be easier for you. Young teenagers have the active Growth Plates in their body and a little induction to the growth plates can increase height rapidly. But if you are an adult, growing height will be tough for you and you will require more effort to achieve some positive results.

An individual’s height depends much on his genetics. However many times we see that the Child grows up to be taller than the parents. This indicates that you can also grow your height regardless of the genetic traits in your family.

You can grow taller at any age, the younger you are the easier it will be. A nutrient rich diet and balanced lifestyle can improve your height significantly.

5 Tips to grow taller and increase height faster:

1. Change your diet

A balanced diet and healthy food play a vital role in improving height. Include more of Green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Some of the foods that are good for growing height are listed below:

Spinach: The green leafy spinach is a rich source of Iron and vitamins. Iron helps improving blood quality and maintains strength of your bones. Spinach also has high amount of Phosphorus. Phosphorus is an inducer for growth hormones.

Peas: If you want to grow taller, eat peas frequently. Peas are a good source of Zinc and Vitamin B. They also contain good amount of Proteins.

Soybean: Soy beans are the richest vegetarian source of lean proteins. This pure protein helps in the growth of muscles, bones and bone mass. If you are a vegetarian, to grow height eating 50 gm of soybean everyday is recommended.

Meat: Being filled with protein, meat also provides a good amount of calcium, fat and vitamins to the body. Reduced amount of protein in the body can lead to poorer immune system and inadequate growth.

2. Exercise to grow taller

Do the following exercises regularly to grow taller.

Chin ups:


Use a hang bar and suspend your body. Now fold your legs behind your back. Folding legs will increase stretch on Spine. Now Pull your body up to the point when your chin is above the hanging bar. Hold this position for – to 5 seconds, then gently descend lower. Repeat this workout for 5 minutes everyday.

Touch Toes:


Stand upright and stretch your hand above your head. Now bow down and try to touch your toes with your hands without bending your knees. At first you may not be able to touch your toes, but after a while it will be possible.

Full body stretch:

grow-taller-full body
grow-taller-full body

Stretch each joint and muscle of your body. Stretching exercises improves blood circulation and ensures that nutrition reaches to each and every tissue. This induces growth of tissues.

Swimming: When you swim, you throw your shoulder and hands forward, while pushing backwards with your feet to move through the water. This movement creates stretch on your spine to move push your body forward. Swimming pulls and stretches your full body muscles, which is good to grow taller.

3. Yoga to grow taller

When people think of yoga, they think it to be a simple meditation where you move & pull your body parts in a certain order. Yoga also involves controlled and periodic breathing while doing the asanas.  It is, in fact, the most superficial aspect of this deep science, which reveals the infinite potential of the human mind and soul. The complete essence of lifestyle in yoga science has been assimilated. Here are some yoga poses that can help you in growing taller:

Tadasnana (Mountain Pose):


Stand up right. Now take your hands straight up above your your head and pull your body upwards. Try to pull it to maximum height possible, stand on your toes and hold this position for 5 seconds. Now stand on your feet and pull your hands up again. This time strech and tilt your body backward and forward direction as much as possibles. Also stretch on right and left sides too.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation):


Surya Namaskar is probably the best yoga that one can do to increase height and maintain fitness. A surya namaskar is an intelligent combination of multiple yoga poses, in which you will stretching you body to it’s limit. It’s a 12 step routine, the best way to do it is to rest your body for 3-4 seconds in each position.

Padahastasna (Head to knee pose):


This yoga pose is slightly difficult but it has many benefits for your body. It not helps in increasing height but also provides stability and control over muscles. To do this, stand straight on the ground. Now try to lift your one leg parallel to the ground, while standing on the other foot. This may require a lot of practice to pull your leg up and balance the whole body on other leg. Once your body is balanced in the position, reach to grab the hanging feet with your hands. This will stretch your torso. Now bow your head down and try to touch your knee with your forehead.

Padahastasna is an advanced yoga pose. It will take you sometime practice it.

4. Relaxation and Sleep to grow taller

Did you know that your body grows more when you sleep? The HGH (Human Growth Hormone) produced by the body works more efficiently when you are sleeping. To grow taller, a teenager needs 9 to 10 hours sleep every night and adult require 7 to 9 hrs.

Not getting enough sleep also induces stress. Stress can affect the production of required hormones for optimum body growth. try to avoid stress by meditation, fulfilling hobbies and proper relaxation.

5. Medical Help to Grow Taller

If you had been practicing a lot, but you are not happy with the results; you can seek medical help to grow taller. A doctor may examine your physical condition and prescribe you the medication. Doctors may suggest you take Dietary or Hormonal supplements. In some cases, a medical professional can advise a patient to take steroids or even surgeries to grow taller.

Factors that Stunt Height Growth

As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of things that you can do to grow taller. However, there are some environmental influences that can affect your natural growth.


Smoking and tobacco: Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco can inhibit your height growth. Studies conducted at Columbia University suggest that Smoking or Second-hand Smokes can have adverse effects on the BMI. The research suggests that children who smoke or exposed to second-hand smoke are smaller than the children who do not smoke or have no exposure to second-hand smokes.

Alcohol and drugs: Alcohol and drugs can alter the function of many internal organs such as liver, heart, and pancreas. Consumption of Alcohol or drugs at an early age can stunt the natural growth as they can affect the production growth hormones in the body.

Caffeine: Consumption of caffeine can affect the ability to get enough sleep. In order to grow height, you need to take a proper restful sleep.

Steroids: Anaerobic steroids can inhibit the natural growth of bones in children and adolescents. Young asthma patients are often prescribed with inhalers. These inhalers dispense small quantities of Budesonide (Steroid). Studies have shown that such children are on average half and inch shorter. Steroids can also have some serious side-effects such as lower sperm count, abnormal blood pressure, smaller breasts and put the patient at a higher risk of heart attacks.

Myths and Facts about Growing Height

Myth: Drink milk to grow taller.
Fact: No, Drinking milk alone will not make you grow taller. However, nutrients like calcium and vitamin D present in milk are good for making your bones healthy and stronger. Choosing milk over carbonated drinks in always a better idea.

Myth: Height can not grow taller after a certain age.
Fact: Age of the body is not the main factor for height growth. Growth of height depends on hormone levels, physical activity and diet habits. The growth of height depends much on the activity of epiphyseal plates located at the bone joints. Many people have active epiphyseal plates for years after puberty and can grow taller by exercising them.

Myth: Playing sports such as Basket ball, Cycling can improve height.
Fact: Playing sports is a good idea to maintain overall fitness and exercising, but these sports does not help in growing height.


Height is not everything, and there is nothing wrong with being short. just glance through the history and see how the height of the person is the last thing affects their lives. In fact, some of the powerful and influencing people have been short.

Your height doesn’t affect your personality, being likable has nothing to with the height. What matters more than anything is how you project yourself among people, be kind, generous, attentive and helpful for others. Your confidence will help you accomplish more, not your height.

Make the most of your present height. Stand and walk in good posture. Wear clothes that complement your height. Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy and fit physique.

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